Valona/Madhani Machine VM-102 100 Ltr.

Valona/Madhani Machine VM-102 100 Ltr.

Introduction of 100 Ltr. Valona/ Madhani Machine – To provide a more accurate introduction or description of a “100-liter Valona machine,” I would need additional information about its purpose, industry application, or any specific characteristics associated with it. If you have more details or a specific question about this machine, please provide them, and I’ll do my best to assist you further.


Additional information

Model No.



0.5 H.P. (Single Phase)


1 Year




2 amp

Body Material

Aluminum (bitter Stainless Steel)




9"X 8"X 38"


100 Ltr.


22.500 KG




Made in India

Product Description

Introduction of 100 Ltr. Valona/ Madhani Machine –

It seems like you’re looking for information about a “valona” or “madhani” machine with a 100-liter capacity. It’s possible that such a machine was developed or became popular after my last update.

In general, a “madhani” machine is traditionally used for churning milk to separate butter from it. These machines are often manually operated and consist of a wooden or metal drum with a handle. The capacity of a madhani machine can vary, and larger ones might be used in commercial settings. A 100-liter capacity would be relatively large for a traditional madhani.

A “valona” machine is not a term I’m familiar with in this context. It’s possible that it refers to a specific brand or type of churn or processing equipment used in a particular region or industry.

If you’re looking for information about a specific machine with a 100-liter capacity, I would recommend checking with manufacturers or suppliers in your area, as they may have more information about such a product. Additionally, you might want to provide more details or context about the machine you’re interested in for a more accurate response.

  1. Valona (Valona) Machine: This term might be related to a specific type of machinery or equipment used in a particular industry or for a specific purpose. However, without more context or information, it’s challenging to provide specific details.
  2. Madhani Machine: A “madhani” is traditionally a hand-operated wooden churn used in Indian households to churn butter from cream. If you have a “madhani” machine with a 60-liter capacity, it would likely be a mechanized or motorized version of this traditional churn, designed for larger-scale production.